Matthew N.

Couch & Associates

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Modern Solutions for Today's Challenges

We service a unique niche of individuals.  We know how different every client's challenges are, and we like to meet those challenges head-on.

Couch & Associates prides itself on its "Client First" attitude, which we know many other funding companies don't focus on.  

If you are in need of funds for your legal challenges, we know you have several options to choose from.  Let us show you how our approach makes all the difference.

Couch & Associates represents several different investors and hedge funds, most of which are attorneys themselves.  This expedites the underwriting process and guarantees that you get the most concise, direct support available.  Because we aren't the arm of just one funding source, we can place your needs with a fund that is specifically tailored to your case type, which means we can ensure that your rates, repayment terms, and amount funded are the truest to your case value.

Use the links above to explore our specific services, then give us a call or submit a contact form for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.