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A structured settlement, or annuity, is an income stream that is paid by an insurance company to an individual as the result of a personal injury lawsuit, medical malpractice suit, wrongful death, or any other type of liability settlement.

When someone is involved in a personal injury lawsuit, they are sometimes offered a large amount to settle the case.  This amount is usually paid out over time by an insurance company.  The annuitant or beneficiary receives the money in either monthly or annual payments, or some combination thereof.  We can provide a lump sum for these future payments.

To proceed with the sale of these payments, you will need:  
  • A completed application, which will will either fax to you or ship via USPS Priority Mail
  • Release and Settlement Agreement, signed by all parties and the judge
  • Annuity Policy or Letter of Benefits--this is the schedule of payments from the insurance company
  • Photocopies of your Social Security Card and valid ID (we need these to verify your identity. 
 We protect your information and provide you with a confidentiality agreement to which we are bound)
  • Photocopy of your most recent annuity check or check stub (confirming payment amount)
  • A copy of your most recent tax return.  We need this to verify that you have additional income.  In the effort of maintaining a fiduciary relationship with you, we will not purchase your only source of income if you are no longer working.  Rather, we will purchase a portion of your payments to ensure that you maintain a flow of income.

If you have become divorced since receiving your payments, we will need a copy of your Divorce Decree.  Likewise, if you have been married, we will need a copy of your Marriage License.  If you are receiving this as part of an inheritance, we will need a copy of the probated Will that is awarding you that settlement.

After the application is received. we will be able to offer you a provisional quote for your payments.  We do not need all of the other documentation immediately; it will be necessary once you accept an offer.  Having these documents available will expedite the closing process for you.  Once you have accepted our offer, we will provide you with a Purchase Agreement and will begin the closing process with the insurance company.  At closing, we assume rights to the payments you have sold, and you are either issued a cashier's check or receive a wire transfer (your choice) for the agreed-upon payment.

Note: For legal reasons, CFS is unable to purchase Worker's Compensation payments.  State laws prohibit the purchase of these income streams.  We are also unable to purchase: Social Security payments, IRAs, judgments, or other distributions from retirement plans.  Contact your financial advisor/personal banker for advice on how to utilize these income streams.